Pick me, pick me!

'Tis the season to pick the best from your garden, to share it with your friends and family - accompanied by a glass of Prosecco, of course.


Prosecco-battered zucchini flowers



Serves 5


10 zucchini flowers

Bocconcini (buffalo mozzarella balls)

2 egg whites

1 cup self-raising flour

350ml Dal Zotto Pink Pucino Prosecco NV

1 litre sunflower oil, for deep frying



Chop mozzarella into small pieces, season with salt and pepper, and mix to a rough paste texture.

Carefully stuff the mozzarella into the zucchini flower heads, being careful not to stuff greater than the natural shape of the flower. Seal the flower  by pressing the petals to the mozzarella mix inside.


To make the batter:

Whisk eggs whites until light and fluffy

Pour flour into a bowl large enough to also hold egg whites and Prosecco. Season flour with a little salt.

Slowly incorporate egg whites and Prosecco into flour, whisking continually, until a smooth batter is formed (about the consistency of double cream)

Rest the batter in fridge for 15 minutes.


To cook:

Heat oil to 180c in a deep pot on stove or deep fryer

When the oil is hot, give the batter a quick whisk then carefully fully dip the stuffed flowers in batter.

Remove the flow from the batter and let the excess drip back into bowl, then add flower to the oil and deep fry until golden brown (around 2 minutes).

Remove from the batter and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve immediately with a simple rocket salad and aioli.


Tickled Pink

The Dal Zotto Pink Pucino NV combines two of your favourite Italian varieties: the soft aromatics of Moscato, and Prosecco’s crisp acidity.
The pink prosecco also goes perfectly with silky salmon gravlax or spicy salt and pepper calamari.