Darling Estate

Darling Estate is a family winery specialising in aged wines.

The Darling family has been farming in the King Valley for over 100 years, and was
the first to grow grapes commercially in the Upper King Valley.

The vineyard, Koombahla, holds a magnificent National Trust listed brittle gum that
has become the symbol on Darling Estate’s label. The tree is a testament to the rich
volcanic soils and excellent growing conditions at Koombahla.

The fifth and sixth generations are now back in the valley, working in the vineyard
and helping to develop the next chapter of winemaking. They continue to focus on
showcasing the seasonal strengths of the vineyard, as well as producing wines that age well.

Give the Darling family a call to experience their special aged and new releases.

Darling Estate logo

90 Whitty Lane, Whitfield

Weekends during public holidays or school holidays, or call for appointment