Fall into paradise

Paradise Falls, King Valley

Wine, cheese, fresh farm produce … there’s no doubt the King Valley offers some of the best gourmet experiences in Victoria. But have you discovered our secret natural paradise?


Twin streams of crystal clear water rush over rock formations, cascading and scattering on the ground 30 metres below.

Welcome to Paradise Falls, a spectacular piece of the Alpine National Park that’s accessible from the King Valley.

Lidia Politini, from Politini Wines, says the falls are a favourite among the local families. “It’s really something special,” she says. “We used to go down there as kids and play; I’ve been again recently, too, and it’s just as beautiful as ever.”

She adds that Paradise Falls is a somewhat undiscovered secret of the valley. “Visitors are often surprised that it’s there, and those that go exploring are really happy to have found these falls that are absolutely breathtaking.”

The falls flow steadily throughout winter and into spring, as the snow on nearby mountain-tops melts and meanders through the valley.

“Regardless of whether there’s water flowing over the rocks, it’s an impressive place to visit,” Lidia says. “There are lovely views from the end of the path: bushland all around, and the huge rock overhang.”

This natural rock wall at the end of the path curves around you, providing shelter and a unique point of view from behind the falls. Beyond that, endless sky and sparkling streams stretch out, epitomising the word paradise.

And all you need to do to find this treasure is take a short drive from the valley’s wineries.


The Details

  • Paradise Falls is a 20-minute drive from Cheshunt, in the Upper King Valley
  • The last 11 kilometres to Paradise Falls is a dirt road that is suitable for all cars
  • From the parking area, it’s a 20-30 minute return walk to the falls. This is a well-made track of stones and steps, suitable for adults and children alike.
  • The track ends at a viewing platform, where you can look across to the falls and take photos
  • Tables and chairs set into bushland near the parking area provide the perfect picnic spot after your walk