Celebrating the Sangiovese Project

King Valley grape growers and winemakers have celebrated the conclusion of The Sangiovese Project, a five-year research project on one of the region’s flagship varietals.

“We’re really lucky to have had five years to study that were very different from each
other,” says winemaker Joel Pizzini. “That long-term analysis shows us what the
characteristics of this wine look like under various conditions, taking the guesswork
out of producing the best quality Sangiovese, every single year.”

The Sangiovese Project finished as all good vineyard projects should: with a
celebration of wine and the people behind it. The final tasting and research
presentation was held in Chrismont’s light-filled function space, followed by a
bountiful Italian-style lunch.

Joel says, “What I really liked about the project was that it brought us all together and
got us excited about the parts we play in creating Australia’s best Sangiovese.”