The Sangiovese Project

In the pursuit of quality, we believe that disciplined research provides the required understanding so as we can consistently produce high quality wines.

This workshop will present an overview over 5 years of detailed studies of 25 Sangiovese blocks, spread over six subregions and encompassing eight clones.

The research was carried out by Dr Erika Winter (GrapeLinks), Stephen Lowe (Stony Creek Vineyard), Joel Pizzini (Pizzini Wines) and Warren Proft (Chrismont), and analyses were performed by Vintessential, Australian Wine Research Institute and King Valley Wines, with the support of Wines of the King Valley, North East Catchment Management Authority and the participating vignerons.

The methods included soil moisture and temperature monitoring, petiole testing, vine canopy assessment at veraison and harvest, hourly bunch zone temperature recording, pre-harvest berry sensory assessments, grape chemical analyses, microvinification and wine chemical analyses and sensory evaluation.

Due to the very large amount of data and 5 climatically different years the study generated a detailed insight into the interrelationship between climate/site/grape growing practice and grape and wine quality. Grape colour and tannins were focus points and some beneficial grape growing practices were detected. Some clones excelled in either, some in both.

Using the latest progress in international research, King Valley grape growers experimented with cutting edge vine management practices that repeatedly, over 3 years led to higher grape and wine quality compared to the controls.

After 5 years grape growers and winemakers understood how to grow highest quality grapes under all climatic conditions and received a seasonal activity plan to implement the findings from this outstanding research project in the future.

Industry friends are invited to join us for The Sangiovese Project Presentation and Tasting.

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