Darling Estate

New release Aligoté and Gamay Await

Sit back and relax in our garden under the shade of the walnut trees, where you can savour the simple pleasures of life. Enjoy great food, great tunes, and superb wines in a laid-back and picturesque setting in the middle of our vineyard.

We will be cooking up a storm with our homemade Italian-style sausages (perfect any time of day but a particular favourite on Sunday mornings), crispy polenta chips and a special springtime dessert.

It wouldn’t be La Dolce Vita without our homemade wine spritzers: grapefruit cordial, wine, mint, and soda over ice. The perfect refreshment to sip and share with friends before enjoying a wine tasting.

We will be showcasing our new releases including Pinot Blanc, Aligoté, and Gamay. These wines are a testament to our commitment to excellence in winemaking and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We’ve also selected a back vintage gem, a wine that’s been aged to perfection to open over the weekend. This is a special opportunity to taste history in a glass.