The King Valley Wine Region has one of the greatest concentrations of varieties of any wine region in Australia. Whilst we have an Italian bias reflecting our region’s history, King Valley varietals also include premium traditional cool climate wines.

LOCATION 36º21'S 146º19'E | ALTITUDE 155-860M


The valley’s continental climate provides warm days and cool nights, influenced by the katabatic breeze that sweeps northward down the valley from the high country. A range of microclimates are available from the slightly warmer valley floors to the bracingly cool upper slopes. This variance in elevation is why the King Valley region can produce such a wide range of wine styles.


The King Valley in North East of Victoria follows the King River, flowing from its upper reaches in the Alpine National Park, due north to the Rural City of Wangaratta. The valley ranges from a broad river basin in the north around Milawa and Moyhu, to the ranges in the extreme south peaking at over 800m.


TThere is an abundance of suitable land, with most vineyards established on relatively gentle slopes, typically facing north and north east. Notably, the King Valley is one of the highest altitude grape growing regions in Australia. The soil is mostly a deep red clay loam, at times tending more to grey or brown in colour, but having the same structure.

King Valley Wine Heroes

Salute! with Prosecco, King Valley
Photo by Erin Davis-Hartwig


Originating in the cool alpine climate of Veneto in north-east Italy, Prosecco is a light and lively sparkling wine with a dry finish and a fresh fruit flavour through the mid palate. King Valley is the first region to produce an Australian-made premium prosecco. Its refreshing flavour makes Prosecco an uplifting aperitivo with olives or cured meats or perfect partner to Asian dishes or seafood starters.



Sangiovese is the main grape of the great Chianti Classicos of Tuscany, one of the Italian varieties which King Valley grape growers have planted with relish.The King Valley now leads the way as Australia’s premier region for this red wine, a reputation that grows with every vintage, reflecting the great passion for creating wines to enjoy with good friends and food. The wine shows savoury, dark cherry flavours and earthy characters with fine tannins and cleansing acidity.

Wine Styles


Relatively new to the valley, producing an un-oaked wine with a profusion of flavour possibilities including citrus, ripe pears, apple and lime.


Distinctly Italian, of savoury blackberry and herb flavours with natural acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon

There are more plantings in the valley of this variety than any other, and for good reason. The wines display classic mint and blackcurrant flavours and blossom beautifully with ageing.


The valley’s most widely planted and popular white grape variety, used for sparkling wines and wood aged dry whites, varying from rich and opulent through to the more restrained styles.


A spicy Italian with a hint of violets behind the summer berries.


A wine with generous tannins and acid underlying the cherry, rose, and strawberry tart flavours. A reputation for being a long-lived wine.

Pinot Grigio / Gris

One of the newer varieties in the valley, producing a delightfully spicy wine with flavour nuances varying from pear to spiced apple custard to toasted almonds.

Pinot Noir

The upper reaches of the valley in particular provide fruit that is steeped in flavour to provide the basis for the valley’s remarkable sparkling wines.


An Italian variety from northern Italy used for producing a much loved aromatic sparkling wine.


A Georgian variety of deep red colour, with blackberry, mulberry, and ripe cherry flavours. Plush tannins and good grip are indicators of ageing potential.


Once called Albarino, but a little DNA testing showed this is a French rather than Spanish varietal.  Still tastes just the same – fresh and zippy with a citrus expression…


The French variety that Australia has made its own. King Valley styles display white pepper and spice with lifted berry and ripe plum flavours.