Wines of the King Valley


 Benvenuti alla Valle del RĂ©! Welcome to the King Valley!

Visit any cellar door in the King Valley and be instantly transported to the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in a heritage that stretches back over 60 years, and all the way to the Italian Alps, the cool hillsides of Calabria and villages of Sicily.

Meet the winemakers and their families face-to-face. Experience first hand the passion they share for life and their Australian-made, Italian varieties of Prosecco, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Dolcetto, Arneis and Barbera.

Be enraptured by the Italian spirit that permeates the King Valley landscape, one eminently suited to the growing of cool, crisp white wines and savoury, spicy reds. Wines of a style that 'prepare your mouth for food', with a savoury tanginess to make your mouth water.

We invite to share the passion of the Valley's winemaking families. Find out more in the following pages and visit us soon in Victoria's north east. Salute!

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