Chrismont La Zona King Valley Sagrantino 2012

"New wine to the Chrismont La Zona range. Sagrantino rises to the challenge once again. Enjoyed every drop of this.
Juicy, tannic, flush with cherry, leather, dried herb and musk-like notes. Has a red berried brightness but a nutty, leathery Italian varietal charm. Tannin crunches through the wine in a positive fashion. Excellent first-up release." Rated : 93 Points

Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front, April 6, 2014


Chrismont La Zona Fragolino 2011

Yep, it's a moscato-like style made from the fragola grape, and it has aromas of grape bubblegum, blackcurrant and raspberry too. The gentle fizz adds tingle on the tongue, and there's plenty of strawberry and cassis flavour amid assertive sweetness. Fruit desserts, or at breakfast! 

Nick Stock, The Age & SMH Good Wine Guide 2013



Chrismont La Zona Pinot Grigio 2012

This has a true grigio character to it, with bright, crisp apple and pear fruit aromas and a gently leesy edge, a little lemon here too. The palate's bright and crunchy, with good weight and striking acidity driving clean through the finish, holding pear and apple flavour in deep. 

Nick Stock, The Age & SMH Good Wine Guide 2013


Chrismont Chardonnay 2011

A simple, fruit-driven style that offers up gentle lemon citrus, some grassy notes, light, nutty complexity too. The palate's smooth and supple, with gently creamy, biscuity flavour and stone fruits – crunchy acidity cleanses through the finish.

Nick Stock, The Age & SMH Good Wine Guide 2013


Chrismont La Zona Sangiovese 2011

This has the bright, fragrant edge that makes sangiovese from the King Valley a really compelling proposition. Some fresh leafy notes here, cherries and a gentle oak thread add early complexity. The palate's nicely shaped and balanced, with really even tannin spread, juicy red fruit flavours and a cherry stone finish with a toasty oak edge.

Nick Stock, The Age & SMH Good Wine Guide 2013


Chrismont La Zona Barbera 2011

An earthy edge here. This has some toasty oak sitting across mixed berry fruits, leafy notes, and a gently fragrant layer of perfume too. The palate's crunchy and delivers handy acid tang with just the right amount of soft, fleshy fruit texture. Purple fruit flavours and toasty oak to close. 

Nick Stock, The Age & SMH Good Wine Guide 2013



Chrismont La Zona Barbera 2011

Chrismont was established in 1980 in the King Valley and has expanded to 250 acres at current size. A plethora of Mediterranean varieties sits under the La Zona label. Burnt match, earth and black berries – an exotic aroma profile, but not too untoward. Opens later with sweet spice and prune. Medium bodied, juicy and finishing with crisp acidity – a vibrant wine with a sheen of vanillin oak and dustiness. It’s a little light on for intensity, but makes up for it with vitality and freshness. Squeaky, spicy tannins mop up the fringes of the wine. A real easy slosh-in-the-glass-and-drink kind of wine. Vegemite jars might do. Enjoyable. 

Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, Dec 2012



Chrismont Riesling 2012

Chrismont has received two geat reviews by Ralph Kyte Powell and Campbell Mattinson. Click on "More Info" to read.


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Chrismont La Zona Prosecco NV

"As winemaker Warren Proft observes, the Prosecco grape is a fairly low-acid variety and yet the wine it produces can taste refreshingly crisp, event with the delicate lick of soft sweetness in examples such as this - a softness that tends to lend itself to the edgy bitterness of Campari Spritz (I go for about one part Campari, two parts Prosecco, one part soda).

Max Allen, Australian Gourmet Traveller, March 2013



Pizzini Top 100

3 Pizzini wines made the Taste Top 100 under $25 in 2012

PIZZINI 2012 Rosetta
PIZZINI 2012 Prosecco

"From the thousands of Aussie wines produced in our nation each year, we've narrowed it down to the top 100 stand-out Aussie drops under $25."

Tony Love, National Wine Writer, November 6, 2012

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Politini 2004 Burley Shed King Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Quite where Politini pulled this estate-grown wine from I'm not sure, but it's not a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth. The wine has a particularly good hue for age - remarkable; likewise, the freshness of the varietal fruit, and even more, the price. If all this were not enough, the packaging is elegant. It hardly needs be said that it's ready right now.

James Halliday, 1001 wines under $20 - 2012 edition


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