Red Grape Varieties


The main grape of the great Chianti Classicos of Tuscany, one of the Italian varieties which King Valley grape growers have planted with relish. The Valley now leads the way as Australia's premier region for this wine, a reputation that grows with every vintage. The wine shows savoury, dark cherry flavours and earthy characters with fine tannins and cleansing acidity.



Cabernet Sauvignon

There are more plantings in the valley of this variety than any other, and for good reason. The wines display classic mint and blackcurrant flavours and blossom beautifully with ageing.


Distinctly Italian, of savoury blackberry and herb flavours with natural acidity.



A spicy Italian with a hint of violets behind the summer berries.



A wine with generous tannins and acid underlying the cherry, rose, and strawberry tart flavours. A reputation for being a long-lived wine.


Pinot Noir

The upper reaches of the valley in particular provide fruit that is steeped in flavour to provide the basis for the valley's remarkable sparkling wines.



A Russian variety of deep red colour, with blackberry, mulberry, and ripe cherry flavours. Plush tannins and good grip are indicators of ageing potential.



The French variety that Australia has made its own. King Valley styles display white pepper and spice with lifted berry and ripe plum flavours.



A full-bodied French variety richly textured with a dense red colour. Spicy and mouth filling.



The main variety of Spain and one of the world's classic grapes. It produces deeply coloured and highly flavoursome wines on a medium palate.
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